Dyna Help


Brush Properties Editor  

brush properties.png

Brushes have two dynamic properties: Rotation and Pulse. The other properties are size and color. 

The rotation property is set here. Move the slider to the center to disable rotation.

The pulse property is set here. Disable pulsing by moving the slider to the left edge. The further to the right, the faster the brush will pulse.

Brush size is set here.

Brush color is set in main drawing screen by tapping on the color button.


The tab "Edit Tools" contains the eraser. In the future it will contain tools for editing the currently drawn brushes.

The tabs "Fuzzy" and "Sharp" contain different kinds of brushes to use in your drawing.

The tab "Most Recent" gets updated with the latest brush that has been adjusted and used.


Background Editor


The background editor provides two easy ways to fill the background of your drawing. 

Create gradients in the "Gradient" tab. Use the three buttons found in the rendered zone to adjust the look and color of the gradient.

Use your personal photos or a custom created image in the "Photos" tab.


Zoom and Pan

Use 'Pinch to Zoom" gesture

Use two fingers touch to pan the drawing when zoomed in.




There are many ways to share your drawings.


Copy drawings

From the initial application view tap the "Select" button and then tap on all Drawings you wish to copy.  When ready tap the "Copy" dd5.png button.

From the page view, where you can see the full sized drawing tapping on the "Copy" button will duplicate the current drawing.


Delete drawing(s)  

From the initial application view tat the "Select" button and then tap on all drawings you wish the delete. When ready tap on the "Trash" button.

From the page view tap the "Trash" button to delete the current drawing.



The Undo/Redo steps are limited only by available memory.  While editing a drawing the Undo/Redo buttons are located in the bottom left corner of the screen.