What is Dyna?

Innovative drawing application, which changes the conventional approach to drawing by making every brush stroke dynamic over time.


How is Dyna different?

In Dyna your brushstrokes are alive with motion and rhythm, you are no longer limited to static blobs of color. You can convey feeling and emotion by the rate at which your drawing changes.

Your drawings can have almost infinite variability.


Why is Dyna fun?

Dyna adds another dimension to the expressiveness of drawing with brushes.
Just a few strokes in Dyna can embellish and change an old photo and make it come alive.
Dyna is incredibly simple to use and is integrated with Photos, Facebook, Twitter.
You can easily share your drawings with others - for fun, amusement or just beauty.


What other features does Dyna have?

Many dynamic brushes.
- Each brush has adjustable parameters and can be tweaked to purpose.
- Easy access to recently used Brushes and colors.
- Import images from Photos and use as background of a drawing.
- Create complex gradients to use as background of a drawing.
- Export drawings as video clips.
- Copy or delete multiple drawings.
- You can use it on your iPhone and iPad.


The future of Dyna?

We are going to listen to user requests and suggestions and in addition to that we already have many ideas for features and improvements.

Here are some of the topics we have identified so far:
1) New brushes with different behaviors such that drawings can become even more dynamic and fluid over time.
2) Brushes that interact with other brushes ... the imagination goes wild.
3) Possibly introduce layers.
4) Improve UI ... we are certain that user requests and comments will help us improve the UI
5) Provide more export options.
6) Provide ability to share the raw drawings, in addition to the exported movies.
7) Improve performance whenever possible.